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Check out the categories above if you're interested in purchasing a rank!
All donations are appreciated very much! Here is some information about us and the store that you should read:

We care about our server a lot. Donations help us grow by allowing us to advertise more and input cool features!
Also, after donating you are complying with our TOS that you can not charge back/refund your purchase. 
To get your Discord role, go to the email you provided and paste the token into our bot channel!
Thank you for playing on Draybel! :D

Q: How long does it take to receive something I bought?
A: It can take around 1-30 minutes to receive something. However, if something goes wrong, instantly DM an Admin on Discord!

Q: Where does my money go?
A: Practically all donations go into the server! Whether it be graphics, builds, plugins, etc!

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